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Share the Magic

Feathered Friends is an amazing organisation that all started with the desire to improve the care of birds in captivity. It is now one of Australia’s largest and most empowering avian facilities; providing captive and wild birds with hope and the chance to experience wild flight again. The facility, known as the Sanctuary, is designed especially for our birds as a place for them to call home. For the bird’s wellbeing and privacy, the sanctuary remains closed to the public.

The birds have arrived at the Feathered Friends Sanctuary from a variety backgrounds and circumstances. For most of the raptors they have been victims of trauma or feral animals. With nowhere to go and no one to fund their captive life, the team has raised much needed funds to take them on and provide them with an almost wild life. These birds experience wild flight as a part of the Hawkers conservation project.

In a nut shell, this is what we offer…

Feathered Friends is not government funded. Everything we do relies on the support of the public, followers and our community.

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