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Office hours are 10am to 4pm Tues, Thursday and Friday office is closed all other days.

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A little bit about Feathered Friends...

Feathered Friends is a specialized institution that is licensed by the Department of Primary Industries to educate, train and provide behavioural information about wildlife and domestic Animals.


Though the name Feathered Friends suggests we work predominantly with birds, we also train and work with a variety of native, exotic and domestic animals. Our specialty is training and working with birds and working dogs.


Our specialized research and training has allowed our facility to develop into one of the leading animal training facilities in Australia and highly sought for behavioural knowledge regarding Avian and K9 management.


The facility provides accredited knowledge in flock management for threatened release target species, predator avoidance training, avian tracking, rehabilitation/muscle recovery, post release management and injury recovery.


Feathered Friends enjoys educating people about our native fauna and as a result has created a series of public educational points. This includes; regular Wildlife Performances throughout the year, Encounters, Wild Parties and mobile wildlife/bird show units and not to mention our animals are stars themselves appearing in regular film and TV shows.


Our facility is privately operated and relies on the funding and support from our educational points like encounters and shows to maintain its operation.