Where is the Hawking Field located?

181 Mamre Road, Orchard Hills NSW 2748, Australia.

How do I make a booking?

You can book your Experience by clicking BOOK NOW throughout the website.

Can we choose who to fly on the day?

The Handler on the day will decide. Our birds are weighed daily and factors such as moult and weather determines who is flown on the day of your Experience, however guests can have preference on which species and we can do our best to accommodate.

Do we have the option to fly a Parrot instead of a Bird of Prey?

No, however we encourage guests who wish to experience our parrots in free flight to check out our Black Cockatoo Conservation Experience!

Can we touch the birds?

Only under the Handler’s guidance and approval. Some of the birds do not enjoy touches and some do quite a lot. At the end of your Experience, when appropriate the Handler will demonstrate how to interact with the birds.

Can I bring a friend to watch?

Due to the nature of our Experiences all guests that step foot onto Hawking Field are automatically participants. The Hawking Field is also a Release Site for rehabilitated birds of prey that come into care. We cannot predict who the bird will favour on the day! And so all guests must be paid participants and will be glove trained

Can we take photos on the day?

Yes! We encourage guests to take plenty of photos and the Handler may also be able to capture moments for you. If you wish to bring large camera gear with you, please use under the discretion of the Handler for yours and the birds safety. When you upload your photos onto social media please be sure to tag Feathered Friends and use the hashtag #featheredfriendsanimalpro

What happens to my booking in the event of bad weather?

In the event of bad weather, guests will be contacted prior to their booking with weather updates and explain it may be rescheduled onto another date, and that there are no refunds. Up to 2 hours before your booking your Experience can be rescheduled.

Can I book an Event such as a birthday party at the Hawking Field?

No. The Hawking Field is an active site where Experiences take place, which also inhabits sustained wild populations of birds as well as successful releases of birds. The allocation of times with a Handler for your Experience is to ensure guests have an enjoyable and safe Experience.

Where is the Sanctuary located?

The Sanctuary is not open to the public at this time.

What is involved in the Hawking Experience?

During the Feathered Friends Hawking Experience you will arrive at a private field where the Handlers will teach you how to work, bond and handle the bird. Once you have been trained, you and your bird will spend quality time understanding each other as you learn the gift of free-flight. Ultimately you work as a team free-flying amongst our open rural grasslands. This is an extremely intimate free-flight bird experience that leaves guests connected to these remarkable creatures.

How does your Experience help conservation?

Feathered Friends is not government funded and relies on funds from our Visitor Experiences to continue the care of birds in rehabilitation and those living at the Sanctuary

How do I become a Sponsor or Partner?

Please visit our Get Involved page to learn how to support the Feathered Friends mission!