Birds are one the most common contraband worldwide. The illegal wildlife trade is ranked third to drugs and human trafficking, and Australia’s unique flora and fauna are especially sought after overseas. Like any market, the rare and unusual are the most valued, meaning that the most endangered and protected species are the most highly prized. Australia’s numerous Black Cockatoo species for example can fetch up to $30,000 individually.

Transportation is often intercepted revealing disturbing methods to minimise apprehension, from inside plastic bottles and being stitched into luggage. The distressing transport of wildlife is only worsened with reports of smugglers destroying their specimens to avoid prosecution.

Wildlife theft is complex, massive, and has escalated to a worrisome driver of extinction. This theft and trafficking within Australian Conservation Facilities, Zoos and Wildlife Parks are sadly a regular occurrence.

To safeguard the Feathered Friends Bird Sanctuary and the Breeding, Research and Recovery Centre (BBRC), a small command of Avian Protection Dogs under the prefix name Aquila Eye German Shepherds have been recruited to assist with the facility’s security. The Program encompasses specialist working lines of German Shepherd that hold the suitable criteria to meet the Program’s goals; their unique gene pool frequently recruited within law enforcement.

The Program prepares and trains the Dogs on how to cohabitate around the birds at the Sanctuary, as well as their main focus being intruder defence training.

The Avian Protection Dog Program has proven essential in managing the Sanctuary’s security system.


Wildlife Conservation Facilities looking to acquire an Avian Protection Dog or Wildlife Protection Dog as apart of theft management protocols are encouraged to inquire – contact us