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School Program

Can you think of a better way to educate our next generation of conservationists than with a fun and interactive free-flight bird show?

School Bird Shows

Feathered Friends runs a Threatened Bird Species Educational Show for young people, where we allow them hands-on interaction with specially trained birds, representing a wide range of threatened species from around the world! 

About our Feathered Friends!

Flying overhead and landing on audience members arms, our incredible bird ambassadors provide the opportunity for all students to handle and interact with these amazing creatures, and is a huge part of what our birds are trained to do. We bring with us a range of birds including Eclectus Parrots, Barn Owl, Major Mitchell Cockatoo, Red-tailed Black Cockatoo, Macaw, Bush-stone Curlew, and a Spoonbill, and we even bring a flying furry marsupial that shares the same living environment as birds, Sugar Gliders! Seeing and interacting with these animals up close and personal allows students to feel a personal connection to the animals, creating an educational experience like no other, guaranteed to amaze and inspire! 

What will the students learn?

The show’s presenters engage and educate the audience with humour and fun facts, to ensure that everyone walks away with a newfound appreciation for our beautiful threatened bird species. The highly educational content of the show includes learning about bird anatomy, behaviour, habitats and ecosystems as well as the importance of conserving our precious biodiversity. Each show is delivered at a level appropriate for the audience so that the content is accessible to all ages. Our presenters will take students on a fascinating journey through the tropical rainforests, hot outback environments, to the temperate woodlands and finally finish up in the watery wetlands to discover all about the birds that live in these habitats. Learning has never been more fun and exciting than with our feathered friends flying around the room during the show! 

Our Audience

The Threatened Bird Species Educational Show can be tailored to all types of learning platforms including school groups from pre-schools, Year 2 to Year 10, YMCA groups, after school care programs, etc. All you need to provide is the audience ready to be amazed and a suitable space to host the show, such as a classroom or hall. 

Added Extras

If you decide to host our show at your venue, then not only will get to witness our an incredible array of birds, but also receive a free native plant that you can put into your school or facility garden, to encourage the local birdlife to visit on a more regular basis. There is also the option to purchase an artificial hollow log that can be mounted in an appropriate position, which can encourage local birdlife to also nest within the grounds, and provide that ongoing enrichment for both your students and the local ecosystem.  

Host a School Show

Our team of experienced presenters and specially trained birds will come to you for your incursion experience. There is no better way to engage and educate than with this exciting and interactive free-flight bird show. 

For more information, pricing and to book this memorable learning experience for your students or group, please contact us.

Don’t miss out on your chance to have this interactive learning experience at your school, which your students will never forget!