Conserving birds is an endless battle. Poaching for the pet trade and habitat loss are the main causes for dwindling bird numbers here in Australia and across the globe.

Feathered Friends helps the infinite bird cases as they appear. The constant support from the Feathered Friends community allows the team to battle legalities and administrative hurdles. Most of these birds have joined the Hawker Project/Experience or our breeding programs.

We conserve birds here in Australia and all across the world. Parrots continue to be poached out of the wild for the pet trade. We aim to help stop it.

Giant parrots like Macaws are disappearing from their natural habitat. The Great Green Macaw (Ara ambiguus) and Scarlet Macaw (Ara macao) are in dangerously low numbers. To help save these colourful giants in Costa Rica, the team have joined forces with the Ara Project. The Ara Project has developed a successful breeding program that releases Macaws to managed sites.

If you want to help keep the colours of Costa Rica soaring, we ask if you can make a donation of any size, directly to

The ARA Project
It all makes a difference. You make a difference.